If the definition of insanity is that you expect different results while doing the exact same thing... then it's time for you to stop the insanity and...

That's right -- forget about trying to do it all yourself and start generating the successful business income you deserve now!

ScottDate: Saturday, 9:01 am
From: Scott Paton

Dear Friend,

Let me ask you a few questions... sorta personal I guess, but something that you gotta be thinking about, since you're reading this letter today.

Would generating $150,000 in cold hard cash in one week... would that change your life?

Could that kind of income allow you to leave your job and become your own boss?

Would that kind of money make you think less about the high price of gas and food and more about giving your family the things you always wanted to?

If you answered, "Yes", nodded your head in agreement, or if this struck a chord with you in ANY way, then please read on for a life transformation in the making -- YOURS that is.

And in case you're wondering how I would know whether or not you could create this kind of lifestyle for yourself... You'll see.

More on that in a sec... but first...

You have a great idea. You have a great product. You have a great service.

But you have no sales…

The biggest mistake, online entrepreneurs make is lack of focus. Their website tries to be all things to all people. We live in an ADD society. We are constantly interrupted and we never have enough time.

I know I am like that.

I am writing this letter to you three weeks late on a sunny Saturday afternoon, three hours before my favorite sports team plays its next second round post-season game (They are up 1-0, and everyone here thinks they are going all the way…)

See how easy it is to get distracted?

So when a visitor comes to your web site, you have to be crystal clear what you want them to do: Sign up for your newsletter, subscribe to your online course, buy an ebook, sign up for your membership and so it goes…

If you are not clear, how can they be?

Does any of this sound remotely familiar to you?

Because if you are suffering from the massive distractions in your life, then you are severely deficient of one thing - EARNINGS. And isn't that really why you came online and began trying your hand at this?

The good news is that this is not a death sentence for your online business -- it's rather common, and thankfully, quite curable (more on the cure in a few minutes).

There is something VERY important that I need to share with you here... it's NOT your fault.

Now, while I firmly believe that as an adult you are indeed responsible for the decisions you make -- but sometimes we are faced with decisions without any of the pertinent facts needed to make a successful decision...

And each and every time that happens it is pretty hard to achieve your goals.

And one decision that most online entrepreneurs make is to do everything themselves. Would you tune up your brand new porsche? Would you fly the plane to your vacation destination? Would you kick the chef out of the kitchen at a 5 star restaurant and prepare the meal yourself?

Of course not.

But you would happily waste weeks of your valuable time trying to write a sales letter that actually sold something.

I spent half my time in ERFSL: the Emergency Room For Sales Letters...

The truth is there is an art and a science to writing good, sales-pumping sales copy.

And it takes a minimum 1,000 hours of training to be a journeyman copywriter. Another thousand hours to get pretty good at it. And a third thousand hours and lots of talent to master it.

But people try to cut corners. I understand that. It's one of the reasons I am sure that we are all frustrated with Microsoft and the blue screen of doom. But don't get me started on Vista...

So marketers write their own copy, test it and sh*t their pants when they see their sales results. They panic. Call all their friends. Cry. Wonder how they are going to pay the rent.

Then they call me.

And the results speak for themselves.

First, let me emphatically state that this is NOT about me... it's about YOU. But... If you'll allow me to join you at the beginning it makes life a lot easier for both of us...

Consider this:

Any successful business is built on a strong foundation which includes teamwork. Can you imagine a football team that only fielded a quarterback? Who would he throw to? Who would keep the other team off his back?

Successful teams have one thing in common:Everyone knows their job and focuses on doing it well.

You are here because you do something very well. To be successful, you have to recruit a team of experts and surround yourself with them.

When you focus on your strengths and let others focus on theirs, you become unstoppable.

My strength is writing kick-butt sales copy.

Here's proof...

Jim had built a strong powerful brand for himself, but he knew that times change and the look and feel of his site had to change with them. He also knew that despite being a top copywriter himself, it was time to bring in some 'new' blood.

Just because you can do something well doesn't mean you should.

"...Selling my memberships like crazy!"

I badgered Ross Goldberg for months, asking him who wrote his sales copy. Finally he gave me Scott's name.

I asked Scott to rework my wildly successful NicheBOT sales copy. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much of an improvement in sales, but a more professional, contemporary look and feel.

To my shock and dismay, Scott took by two membership options, renamed them and added a third.

The third, he said, was to move people from the lower level membership to the middle level, and he priced the premium level so high that we both thought no one would buy it but it would make the middle level more attractive.

Well, he was right about selling more of the middle level. But wrong about the premium level. I have been selling my highest level membership like crazy!

And it never existed before Scott got a hold of my sales copy...

I shutter to think how much money I have left on the table over the past three years. But I am delighted I am collecting it now!

Jim Morris,

With 10 years experience in web design and online marketing, to say nothing of 20 years running grocery stores, I bring much more to the table than just writing. I can look at your whole process and revolutionize it.

When NLP Perception Engineer, Stephan Stavrakis, wanted to up his conversion rates on his new membership site, he turned to the one person he trusted.

After taking his sales letter and working my magic on it, he called me, stunned and amazed at the skyrocketing conversion rates he was getting. He was doing a reasonable 2.3% before he implemented my copy.

Afterwards, it hit 12.7%...

In this case, all I really did was identify the most important benefits and 'hooks' in Stephan's sales letter and hit them harder (about ten times harder), than Stephan did. He had it all there, but like all of us, he was too close to the copy and needed someone to come in with a fresh set of eyes and polish it up.

"...Seeing astronomical increases
in conversions!

I had heard about people making small changes to sales copy and seeing astronomical increases in conversion, but never had experienced it the way I did with your reworking of my copy.

And I would never say you only made 'SMALL' changes...

It was like magic unfolding before my eyes and the sales going thru the roof was the icing on the cake!

Stephan Stavrakis,

And you know, I wasn't looking for a home run when I wrote the following sales copy, I was confident I could beat the $5,000 one week launch that David Watson had for his Website Article Wizard program but no one expected what happened when David finally got "his secret weapon".

He sold over $150,000 in seven days...

Needless to say, David commissioned me to write more sales letters for him and here's what he wrote me after we completed four projects...

"...My Secret Weapon... One of the best copywriters around today!"


I have just read the draft of the latest copy you sent me. I thought long and hard before I wrote this email - I would really prefer to lock you down, have you write copy for no-one but me, and never have your name uttered, except behind locked doors.

I don't really want any of my competitors to get wind of your name, and start using your services - I want to keep you as "MY" Secret Weapon.

With every piece of copy that you do for me, I think "WOW, that's superb - Scott's best work yet"

AND, then the next one turns up -  and it's even better still !! In my honest opinion, you are one of the best copywriters around today, and I feel very privileged to have you working with me on my projects.

With absolute heart-felt thanks,

David Watson
Website Content Wizard
London, UK
February 4, 2007, 11:30AM GMT


What makes Good Copy?

When Colin McDougall wanted to share how he made $66,020.19 in one month, he phoned a buddy in Florida to show him the sales copy he had spent weeks writing.

His friend took one look at it and told him to call me right away. And in no uncertain terms told Colin, "If you don't want to be laughed out of Internet Marketing, do NOT show that sales letter to anyone else. Burn it!"

Well, we all know you can't burn HTML pages...

And as I write this, I am struck by what a huge impact one or two people can have on someone, because guess who Colin's friend was? Ross Goldberg. The same person who recommended me to Jim Morris.

Colin's sales copy got the attention of many top marketers, as well as setting sales records for his business.

"...There's Nothing Like High Conversions to Put a Smile on My Face!"


Your sales copy and graphic genius took my initial sales copy effort and polished it into an ongoing profit center for me.

I never expected the huge increase in sales that resulted from our collaboration.

I won't hesitate to pass your name onto my fellow marketers as you saved me a ton of time and energy.


Colin McDougall
Langley, BC

And what did Colin do when Michael Campbell ask him who wrote his sales copy?

95% of my business is thru referrals

Michael Campbell was mentoring a young PPC Superstar who for 5 years was making a small fortune on affiliate sales and CPA's.

He passed on my name to Christian Weselak, who worked with me to develop his PPC Ninja course and its marketing plan. And a big part of that was the sales letter, which brought him hundreds of sales in short order...

Christian learned early on in PPC to test and test and test...

"...Passed Every Test I Could Think Of!"


Before I met you and Michael Campbell, I had no idea how to crack the Internet Marketing code.

But when I launched PPC Ninja, I had over 140 affiliates sending emails their lists, and I know that if the sales copy and graphics weren't as exceptional as they were that very few of my affiliates would have been as excited or as committed to our mutual success.

Plus it just Rocks!

Thanks so much,

Christian Weselak
Vancouver, BC
May 4, 2009

One Internet Marketer that I have now known now for years and has been responsible for opening doors for me is Robert Puddy from the UK. It was at his event in Seattle that I met David Watson.

He asked me to write a sales letter for his new membership site program, Launch Formula Marketing, which is based on Robert's experience with membership sites (there's a fortune in membership sites, folks!)

He introduced me at his Dallas event and mentioned that my sales copy for LFM did $85,000 in its first week!

Quickly followed by this sales copy which is one of my all-time favorites...

"...Seminars Sold Out Earlier Than Usual!"


Been a pleasure watching your copywriting skills grow by leaps and bounds over the years.

You just finished the copy for my seminars and as usual it is superb. We are sold out earlier than usual and I appreciate the way you laid it out so I can 'reuse' the copy for my seminars all over the world.

Thank you,

Robert Puddy
Somewhere in the UK

When one of Robert's partners asked him to recommend a copywriter, he introduced Soren onto me.

Soren and his partner had developed a great online program that created unique banners fast. His goal was to build a strong list or membership group quickly.

After one week, he had over 10,000 members!

While I never recommend waiting until the last minute before getting your copy done, but like FedEx, when it absolutely positively has to be there...

"...Over 10,000 Brand New Members in
Less Than a Week!"


I know that when I asked you to write my sales copy, I gave no almost no time.

I appreciate you going above and beyond the call of duty and delivering a World-Class sales letter under difficult time constraints.

We were delighted with the results: over 10,000 new members in seven days!


Soren Jordansen
Instant Banner Creator

And these are no one hit wonders either... these are consistent online results... the kind that would allow my clients to pay down debts and escape from their old life into one where they are TRULY free!

If you want help...

And I mean REALLY want help succeeding online, then I am fully prepared to work with you and take your project from where-ever it is to completion and beyond...

To make it easy for you, I put together two options...

My Gold Package is simply a sales letter, including if necessary, the graphics.

Here's what you'll get:

checkOne hour discussion of your project ($500 value)

checkOne completed sales letter (a $5,000 value)

checkSales graphics and design if needed ($1000 value)

Total Value: $6,500

Your Fast Action Investment: $4,000

Now I know that there are entrepreneurs out there that want more.

There is more to online success than just a sales letter, no matter how good it is and so by popular demand, I put together a comprehensive copywriting package...

Face it. Just writing a sales letter in today's ADD environment is a sure-fire way to miss a boatload of opportunities to get the word out.

Here's what you will get with the Diamond Package:

checkThree One hour discussions of your project ($1500 value)

checkOne completed sales letter (a $5,000 value)

checkSales graphics and design if needed ($1000 value)

checkOne Press Release ($750 value)

check1 email for your affiliates to send out promoting to their lists ($300 value)

check2 Articles for submitting to article directories ($300 value)

check1 Product review for your blog (or your affiliate’s blogs) ($250 value)

check3 banners ($250 value)

check1 email for your affiliates to send out promoting to their lists ($300 value)

Total Value: $9,650

Your Fast Action Investment: $6,000

Everyone asks "How long should a sales letter be?"

The answer? As long as it takes to explain the offer, benefits and whatever else needs to be discussed so that the reader can make an informed decision..

And no longer....

Hopefully, you can see that my sales copy delivers. I think the Gold and Diamond offers are pretty clear.

Which beings us to the only sticking point...

There's only one of me!

I do it all.

And I stand behind my copy 100%. But I can't work miracles. If your product or service is substandard, your price is too high, or if, sorry to say, no one wants what you are offering, and if you can't get people to your web site, you won't be selling much either.

After all, a 5% conversion on 20 visitors a month is not going to make either of us happy.

So my first condition of working with you is that I am convinced that you have a home run on your hands, that you can deliver affiliates and traffic and that there is strong demand for your product or service.

I have written copy for products that miss one of these factors, and let me tell you, it's no fun.

And one other thing...

I used to have people who helped me write copy

One day last summer, I drove my son down to Stanford University in California. He was in a week long Jazz Camp. It was a two day drive and I passed a sales letter job to a fellow copywriter who had done good work for me before.

With the deadline my client set, I couldn't get it done and drive two days straight.

Well, the copy was a piece of...

Then I arrived in San Francisco and my car engine seized up. Then Friday afternoon, I had to listen to my client rake me over the coals about his sales letter. Everything he said was true. And he wasn't happy.

So I asked him to give me another chance.

He really didn't want to at all and I don't blame him. But it was 4pm on the west coast on Friday and I told him that it was unlikely he could find someone else to start before Monday. So I told him that Monday morning at 9am I would call him and I would have a new version ready.

At which time, he could either go with it or we would agree to part ways and at least I would have given it my best shot. It was an irresistible deal with no down side for him. He agreed.

Then I went over to the tow truck and asked him where we could tow my car.

Strange city. Burnt out car. What were the chances I could write a kickass sales letter?

Monday morning came and I called my client. This is part of what he saw...

To date, along with Robert Puddy's letter above, this is one of my favorite salesletters, and Ben's reaction when he saw it is also one of my writing highlights. It really was making a silk purse out of a pig's ear. Pure magic.

And my son had an amazing time in Jazz camp. The ten days or so we were together will always be a special time in my life.

And as you can imagine, I never want to put myself in that position again. So I do all my own writing.

I wish I was perfect and everything I do was world-class, but it's not. And when I fumble the ball, I pick it up and get back into the game. I throw that ball again and again until we are both happy.

Here's th eBottom Line

I write all my copy. No one else writes for me.

I have help with the graphics sometimes because I know some pretty hot graphic designers. But still I can’t write 20 sales letters a month — to say nothing of all the other goodies in the Diamond Package.

So I will strictly limit the number of projects I will do at any one time.

This is not a marketing ploy. (You try and write more than 5 projects of 15 to 30 pages each and see how much of a life you have…)

So right now, I have opened it up for 3 Gold Packages and 2 Diamond Packages. First come, first served.

Let's Start Working Together! Enter your information below and you'll receive a lightening fast response. (Your info will never be shared with anyone.)

In other words, if you contact me today, you will be at the top, or near the top, of the list, and I may be able to start on your project immediately -- unless, of course, the 5 slots have already been taken.

To Your Success,

Scott Paton

PS - Please don't call me with a two day deadline, because your regular copywriter flaked on you. I am busy with all my Podcasting trainings and products in addition to writing copy. And I don't have that type of bandwidth.

www.Podcasting-Unleashed.com - I know it needs to be updated and I am working on it.
and a couple secret projects coming soon!

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